Wedding Music? Our Guide To Killing It!

It’s your wedding day, guests are fed, the best man has laid down the speech of the century (we hope) and yet, your dancefloor looks more like an abandoned mining town than a Glastonbury field at any time of the day. 


This could be the disaster you didn’t expect and here’s the kicker, it can all be avoided. It’s more than just cranking the speakers to 11, Spinal Tap style, no no dear friends this is all about striking the right chord with your music selection. Why? Because a buzzing dancefloor means happy guests and happy guests make for an unforgettable wedding. Plus, let’s be honest, your Aunt Marge’s dance moves are not to be missed!

So if you want to get your Aunt Marge, and everyone else throwing shapes and have a viral video moment ready on your phone for years to come, here’s the guide that you need. 

Wedding Music Choic

Popular Wedding Music: The Beat Goes On

Think of the music as a three part phase. There’s the first dance, the party songs and the slow ones. The last two you can intermix, better to get people dancing, a soft break and back into finishing the evening. 

The DJs call it the 70:30 split. 

Now your first dance song choice is going to be key, not only for those to get emotional and weary but there are some interesting stats about the song choice and what it could do to your future together as well! 

For example, Elton John’s – Can You Feel The Love Tonight leads to a happy and long lasting relationship whilst Jason Mraz and One Direction have the opposite effect. 

Stats aside, you want to choose something you love though. The Police’s – Every Breath You Take is a banger but it’s also about stalking so… 

Classic choices like Etta James’ “At Last” never go out of style, but if you’re a modern couple, why not groove to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”? It’s all about that personal touch. 

Other contenders include, Frank Sinatra’s – I’ve Got You Under My Skin and Snow Patrol’s – Chasing Cars. 

After the first dance, you need to crank up the energy. People are still sobbing and mascara is running down their faces. Awkward when it’s Uncle Phil’s mascara too… 

You need to bring people with you. Get that energy going. High tempo tracks, funky beats and recitable lyrics will do the trick. Think “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars or “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake. 

Other top choices include; 

  • Whitney Houston, I wanna dance with somebody
  • The Killers, Mr Brightside (DJ recommendation is towards the close of the evening.)
  • Beyonce, Crazy in Love
  • Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline (another later play for this)

And finally, you need slow songs. Intersperse these with the bangers, get people chilling for a few minutes and weary feet to relax a little. 

Adele is great but can also be as depressing as looking at your bank balance before pay day in January. You want to go to the crooners, the Disco Divas and even the soft singing acoustic lots of the 00’s to get your fill. 

John Legend’s, All of Me is a great start. But what about old Blue Eyes with Fly Me To The Moon or Somethin’ Stupid? Dean Martin with On an evening in Rome or Buona Sera? Paul Weller’s, You Do Something To Me or even Chris Stapleton’s, Tennessee Whisky is a great shout! 

Live Music or a DJ: The Great Debate

Ok so, here’s a fun fact: recent surveys suggest many couples who opted for live bands secretly wish they had gone for a DJ. Why the DJ envy? Well, DJs offer versatility – they can switch between genres and eras at the drop of a hat. Plus, they take up less space, which is great for venues like Wakefield’s, The Mill, where every inch counts for that eclectic, intimate vibe.

Conclusion: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (But They Totally Are)

In the end, whether you go for a DJ, a live band, or a mix of both, remember it’s all about creating an atmosphere that reflects you as a couple. 

You want people to enjoy the day, that’s what they will remember and also, a wedding isn’t just a ceremony; it’s a celebration of love, life, and the occasional awkward dance move. 

So, pick tunes that make your heart sing, and watch as your guests create dancefloor memories that’ll last a lifetime. And hey, if all else fails, just play “YMCA” – works every time!

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