Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings
at The Mill

Winter weddings have a special place in the heart of many. With the crisp air, the dark nights and the absolute beauty that an event can bring, it’s an experience like no other. Add to it soft, warm lighting and a beautiful meal you have a winter wedding of dreams. 

There are so many advantages of a winter wedding and at The Mill our mission is to make winter weddings a real feature of the wedding calendar. What this means for us is that we will strive to provide the best winter wedding venue in Wakefield bar none. 

Our exclusive West Yorkshire location also means that getting to and from our venue is easy – and much easier than somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It’s even better than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere due to bad weather. We think that a wedding should be remembered for all the right reasons, that’s why our winter wedding packages are really thought about to make the most of the time of year and the environment

Enjoy The Warmth In Our Industrious Setting

With the work of amazing architects, designers and builders, The Mill is the perfect location for a winter wedding. The main hall can accommodate up to 200, and your guests will never feel cold thanks to eco fitted energy saving measures and modern heating facilities. 

The venue is located adjacent to the Hepworth Gallery and is on the former site of Rutland Mills. This space has been re-engineered to be the birthplace of a new northern creative hub which means that there is excitement and a special buzz around the venue. It also shows that everything is possible in the North of England.

This means that we have space in so many different places  around our venue locations that our entertainment areas can be used to maximise all the space or the bare minimum with no disruption to your guests throughout the whole event.

Winter Wedding Seasonal Menu

Having the right menu for your winter wedding is something that we specialise in. We use locally sourced meats and vegetables as well as expertly foraged produce. This means  we get to use the Yorkshire countryside and local producers for a menu made from produce within a 5 mile radius. It goes to show that we have a lot to offer. Our menus strike a balance of warmth, creativity and ingenuity for the season.

Our menu changes with seasonally sourced ingredients, making each event unique and special to the things you want to experience on your wedding day.

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    Small Weddings The Mill

    Small Weddings

    Looking for an intimate wedding that strikes all the right tones? With our executive chef and event planners on hand, we can do just that. We turn the smallest event into something that really strikes home the beauty that a wedding should hold, no matter the size.

    Discover more about our Small Wedding packages.

    Summer Weddings

    The summer wedding is the wedding of dreams. But do you have the perfect venue? One with an exceptional food and drink service but also views over the Hepworth Gallery and access to one of the most creative spaces in the North of England? No? Then you need to book a place at The Mill. 

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    Summer Weddings at the mill

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    The Venue

    Located in the former Rutland Mills of West Yorkshire, The Mill has been restored and complemented with an industrious styling. Our architects and interior wizards have created a special place for small weddings and large ones too. It makes The Mill a new age and post modern building that is proud of its industrious Yorkshire heritage. Together with our partner teams of florists and decorators for specific event themes, The Mill is the perfect location. 

    Guided Wedding Consultations

    We can plan your wedding for you, but we’ll leave choosing the guests down to you! Whatever it is you’re looking for we can help piece all the details together through a guided consultation for your big day. You can look forward to all the fun things in store and not have to worry about anything, we have it under control.

    Catering For All Tastes

    With our team of executive chefs and well travelled personnel, we can piece together what will be on the tastiest and diverse menus you’ve ever had. We work with the best local Yorkshire suppliers to make sure that your food is from fresh ingredients, ethically sourced and farmed with the animals well being in mind. We can cater for all tastes, dietary and allergy requirements as well. Our team is one of the most forward thinking caterers on hand to deal with any request.

    Historical Location

    Located on the outskirts of the city centre, next to incredible design landmarks of our most precious artist, Barbara Hepworth, at The Mill, you are surrounded with peaceful and beautiful surroundings making up what is, a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire event spaces at The Mill.

    Nibbles & Tipples

    The Mill has several fully licensed bars that are designed to make any event a pure joy to be part of. With cocktails, mocktails and event-tails available with a request. We believe that a glass of whatever you fancy helps make the event go the way you want. Also, our chefs have a habit of sticking together some of the most incredible snacks you have ever tasted as well as bar favourites to satisfy all tastes.

    Finding Entertainment

    We have this covered. Thanks to our sister company, the Yorkshire Deli, we have not only hosted some of the best local Yorkshire entertainers in both acoustic and plugged in sets but we have access to incredible entertainers. From instrumentalists to MCs and compares.