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Passionate About Creating Events

This is a coming together of two businesses with one shared vision, championing the North the way that few others have dared to even try. The Mill (named after the Rutland Mill where the event space is located) is the catering and event space that is going to be the champion of Northern produce and proudly so. 

In order to take on such a role, it required a business that does this already – without any compromise. The Yorkshire Catering Company which was established just a few years ago from a garage in Wakefield by wife and husband team, Alex and Christian Lawlor has gone from strength to strength, earning plaudits from local industries and families of over 300 catered weddings in such a short space of time. 

The other half of the equation is Tileyard London. A creative space that is more than a space. It’s a place to bring people together in a creative environment to champion and support independent artists and businesses by providing them with space to work and room to grow. Every person at Tileyard is playing their part in something far bigger than themselves. Their purpose is to set the stage, and be part of the act, not the star of the show.

Food, Culture and importantly, People

We don’t think anything is possible without the right culture. Event management is all about establishing the tone. At The Mill, we have worked tirelessly to not only get the look and feel right, but we have invested in the people that work with us to also bring you the event you can dream of. 

The Mill is located at the site of the Old Rutland Mill, a landmark of the Wakefield scenery and part of the incredible Hepworth Gallery. Taking this dilapidated building and regenerating it into a new creative space to promote the north is a vision that has not been taken lightly. 

That’s why, this team vision and effort to create something new and exciting in a former water mill has been the great challenge and showcase that the North has everything to offer in an events location. Not many can boast an acclaimed national sculpture gallery, rolling Yorkshire dales and the warmth you can feel in the North to inspire a wave of creativity… but we can!

The Mill is going to be the events space that showcases the best of what our country and heritage has to offer by uniquely entrapping a Northern creative spirit in an energising, new and bold environment.

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    Events Just Got Better @ The Mill

    The Venue

    Located in the former Rutland Mills of West Yorkshire, The Mill has been restored and complemented with an industrious styling from our architects and interior wizards. It makes The Mill a new age and post modern building that is proud of its industrious Yorkshire heritage. Together with our partner teams of florists and decorators for specific event themes, The Mill is the perfect location for anyone wanting to celebrate any event – and yes, civil ceremonies included.

    Guided Wedding Consultations

    We can plan your wedding for you, but we’ll leave choosing the guests down to you! Whatever it is you’re looking for we can help piece all the details together and take you through a guided consultation for your big day. You can look forward to all the fun things in store and not have to worry about anything, we have it under control.

    Catering For All Tastes

    With our team of executive chefs and well travelled personnel, we can piece together what will be on the tastiest and diverse menus you can be sure to taste this side of the pennines. We work with the best local Yorkshire suppliers to make sure that your food is not only from fresh ingredients but also ethically sourced and farmed with the animals well being in mind. We can cater for all tastes, dietary and allergy requirements as well, meaning that our team is one of the most forward thinking caterers on hand to deal with any request.

    Historical Landmark

    Located on the outskirts of the city centre, next to incredible design landmarks of our most precious artist, Barbara Hepworth, at The Mill, you are surrounded with peaceful and beautiful surroundings making up what is, a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire event spaces at The Mill.

    Local Produce Explored

    We only work with the best local producers where we can. We are committed to sustainability and ethical butchery of any meat products we use. That’s why we believe that any menu we create, whether it’s a wedding or corporate event menu, must carry a minimum 80% local tag on it. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that as a business, we can commit to protecting the environment and our children’s futures as well.

    Nibbles & Tipples

    The Mill has several fully licensed bars that are designed to make any event a pure joy to be part of. With cocktails, mocktails and event-tails available with a request, we believe that a glass of whatever you fancy helps make the event go the way you want. Also, our chefs have a habit of sticking together some of the most incredible snacks you have ever tasted as well as bar favourites to satisfy all tastes.