Product Launches

Product Launches
at The Mill

So you have a brand new product or service you want to launch but don’t know where to do it from? The Mill is the perfect location for a product launch. With it’s central location to the country, easy access to the north and south from Wakefield with cities like Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and even London accessible from the M1, The Mill is ideally positioned to get your team and customers into a single location for a fun day.

Our event space works multiple floors where you can easily host, mingle and even have five star food service from our team of executive chefs who will put together a menu that you can be sure to not forget. (No more dry and stale food for your customers from under-prepared caterers!)

At The Mill you will have a location that you can not only be proud to use for the day but also make a great impression on your customers and team. In the grounds of the Hepworth gallery and the creative venue space built by Tileyard London as well as the first class service from our event management team you will have everything you need to host your corporate event in our nationwide central location.

Choosing The Mill for your product or service launch is a bold decision, drop our team a line today to see how we can turn it into the best one your business can make.

Food, Drink & Entertainment

The Mill is part of the Yorkshire Catering Company and The Yorkshire Deli family, it means that we can create a menu that really leaves your associates satisfied. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and our team of executive chefs can put together something that is truly extraordinary.

From our famous roasts to international delicacies like porchetta, tagines and curries or something as simple as beautiful afternoon tea. Our menu changes with seasonally sourced ingredients, making each event unique and special to the things you want to experience on your event day. 

We also stock our bar with the latest drinks, cocktails and yes, mocktails. Everyone should be able to enjoy a business event with a drink and nibbles that really hit the brief. As for entertainment, our contacts from years of catering at the best weddings and private parties has given us access to some of the best entertainment in the country, we can host your event with all the bells and whistles.

Multiple Floors Of Space

The Mill is home to… lots of space! We have multiple floors of convenience to use across the area including the incredible space that Tileyard London has created for Tileyard North – the latest and most exciting creative project in the UK. It’s the perfect space for a few drinks and to have the kinds of conversations where business gets made away from the boardroom. 

Over the total space, we have everything you need to successfully conduct your event and launch your product, service or even business. From presentation areas to even creating the set up where you can sit and talk numbers, we have what you would call a flexible space that allows you to do the business you need to get you to that next level.

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    The Venue

    Located in the former Rutland Mills of West Yorkshire, The Mill has been restored and complemented with an industrious styling from our architects and interior wizards. It makes The Mill a new age and post modern building that is proud of its industrious Yorkshire heritage. Together with our partner teams of florists and decorators for specific event themes, The Mill is the perfect location for anyone wanting to celebrate any event – and yes, civil ceremonies included.

    Loads of Seating

    However big or small, your event will never have a lack of seating because we can hold up to 150 people per floor. For those who think such a large space can’t be intimate, well, our team can make any room that little bit more special with great decorating, and utilising your space for something different. 

    Catering For All Tastes

    With our team of executive chefs and well travelled personnel, we can piece together what will be on the tastiest and diverse menus you can be sure to taste this side of the pennines. We work with the best local Yorkshire suppliers to make sure that your food is not only from fresh ingredients but also ethically sourced and farmed with the animals well being in mind. We can cater for all tastes, dietary and allergy requirements as well, meaning that our team is one of the most forward thinking caterers on hand to deal with any request.

    The Hepworth Gallery

    Located on the grounds of the Hepworth Gallery, this is one of the most remarkable event spaces where you can hold your special event. Peaceful and beautiful surroundings make up what is, a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire event spaces at The Mill. 

    Local Produce Explored

    We only work with the best local producers where we can. We are committed to sustainability and ethical butchery of any meat products we use. That’s why we believe that any menu we create, whether it’s a wedding or corporate event menu, must carry a minimum 80% local tag on it. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that as a business, we can commit to protecting the environment and our children’s futures as well.

    An Event Space All Year Round

    However big or small, your event will never have a lack of seating because we can hold up to 200 people in our area. The whole space is catered to be something special for your occasion, whatever it may be.