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Welcome to, The Mill. The latest in event hospitality in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Located in Wakefield centre, the former mill has been saved and turned into a beautiful event & wedding venue with restaurant destination. This makes it the perfect location for all sorts of events and special occasions. 

Whether you’re having a wedding, special birthday, anniversary or you are thinking about a corporate event, The Mill needs to be on your shortlist. Our architects and designers have worked tirelessly to make The Mill the go-to wedding venue and event location of West Yorkshire. 

The Mill is the perfect place for a wedding venue or hold an event of any kind

A beautiful venue area with incredible food and views over one of the UK’s most premium art gallery’s and grounds, The Mill is a truly different location whatever the occasion. 

You will want to share your special day with the people you love in the most spectacular place. The Mill is that very location. 

Weddings at
The Mill

Don’t you deserve somewhere special?

It’s your wedding day and you know that not all weddings are the same. 

They should never be the same. 

They should be unique to you and at The Mill, they are. 

That’s because our team work with you to make your day, just that, YOUR day. 

So if you’re looking for an event space that captures all event spaces, then, The Mill is the only place you’ll ever need. 

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The Mill, Wedding Events
Weddings Kerry & Harry, The Mill

The Mill is the latest in popular private events space for 15 – 200+ guests. Located in Wakefield centre, near historical and more recent landmark architecture rewarding our most famous of artists, Barbara Hepworth – we have turned the old water mill into a dining and event location to share those special moments with family, friends and colleagues.

Our vision is to bring what is the best of Yorkshire into everything we do, and we believe that The Mill is perfectly positioned in the soul of West Yorkshire to do it. Most importantly it give us access to local ingredients and a local culture highlighting our Yorkshire soul.

We believe that every event has a special something, the ‘it’ factor and our mission is to make that come to life – especially for your special day. Our journey is one of a small independent with a vision to make Yorkshire truly stand out and be proud of everything it creates – events just got better because of The Mill.

A Unique
The Mill

The Mill, Wakefield Event Catering Space for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Christmas

Wedding Events

The Mill welcomes you to what promises to be one of the most exciting wedding venue locations in West Yorkshire. You will remember your wedding day for a very long time so why not have a venue as memorable.

With a range of fantastic wedding packages on offer, we can turn your dream wedding into a modern day reality. Our team of chefs, planners & entertainers, we have everything you need to make your day incredible.. 

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Special Events

At The Mill, we have space for whatever the occasion. Looking for that special place to celebrate your birthday? Want to cheer in style a new baby on the way? Want to throw a get together for family and friends you haven’t seen in a long time? At The Mill that is all possible. 

We have a range of fantastic packages on offer that can make any occasion truly spectacular. With food and drink offered by our team, we have everything you need to make a single day, a memorable event. 

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Special Events The Mill Wakefield
The Mill Event Catering Wakefield

Corporate Events

Are you looking to throw a corporate party that will be the talk of the town? Do you host business events where you’re looking for something that is not a stuffy boardroom or a dated conference suite? In fact, it will be the home of Northern creativity, stuffy isn’t a word we know.

Our corporate packages will bring together the world of Tileyard North and true Yorkshire spirit in one incredible space. 

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Events Just Got Better @ The Mill

Who we are

The Mill is a new age and post-modern building that is proud of its industrious Yorkshire heritage. Set in the heart of West Yorkshire, Wakefield and near other incredible Wakefield landmarks, The Mill is dedicated to creating the best event managed experience you can have, whatever the occasion. 

Catering That's Better

With our team of executive chefs and well-travelled personnel, we can piece together what will be on the tastiest and diverse menus you can be sure to taste this side of the Pennines. Whatever the occasion, we can develop a menu that really sets your event, alive! 

Historical Centre

Located on the outskirts of the city centre, next to incredible design landmarks of our most precious artist, Barbara Hepworth, at The Mill, you are surrounded with peaceful and beautiful surroundings making up what is, a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire event spaces at The Mill. 

Champions of Local

We have spent years creating a vision of what championing local produce should be, at The Mill we carry on with this vision. As part of Tileyard North who will champion the northern creative industries, ours is a perfect combination of bringing the best produce and vision to the table. 

A Beautiful Open Space

However big or small, your event will never have a lack of seating because we can hold up to 200 people in our area. The whole space is catered to be something special for your occasion, whatever it may be. 

Events All Year Long

Any event at The Mill can be had all year round thanks to the brilliant heated spaces for winter, and the summer-perfect industrial windows that open to allow air and space into the venue for those heat waves we pray for!