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Whatever your business, whatever the event, The Mill is one of the most exciting corporate venue locations to hit West Yorkshire in recent years. We’ve seen how businesses have had to change in recent times, and with staff being more remote getting your team together in a large venue space has become ever the more important.

You need a space where you can relax but also have five star quality food, entertainment and even, the modern facilities to be able to present – should your event require it. 

Home of the former Rutland Mills in Wakefield would not seem the likely location for a corporate event space but, an incredible team of designers, architects and engineers have turned what was a historic landmark of Wakefield into something that few others could ever dream of. As a former business, this uniquely puts the corporate venue location into a new light, showcasing how businesses can change but also hold on to the things that make them unique. We have taken this historic building and turned it into a modern day venue that is both steeped in history and looks to the future of our great region. 

With the beautiful backdrop of West Yorkshire and the Hepworth gardens from our open plan seating areas and terrace, you and your guests can be sure to be welcomed with a traditional Yorkshire smile and embrace. 

With a range of fantastic corporate event hosting packages on offer, we can make your business event something to look forward to.

We Saved A Water Mill To Create New Memories

Organising a corporate event can be stressful, but it need not be with our team of event managers who can put together what promises to be a fantastic event for you and your guests. We do this all under the roof of a former landmark and water mill. 

Known across West Yorkshire, The Mill is the former home of Rutlands Water Mill and located next to the stunning Hepworth Gallery. In a building that was erected in the late 19th century, this historic modern day landmark is that little bit different from your usual stately home. At first glance you may be a little confused by the industrial nature, but take one step inside this multi storey building and your confusion will turn to excitement and unlimited possibilities.

Under the guise of specialist designers, architects and builders this former water mill has been turned into a location that harks to West Yorkshire’s industrial heart. The interior styling is modern with huge accents of industry through exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows letting in light and the beautiful West Yorkshire dales flow into every room.

You and your guests will be transported between postmodern and the new age that very few can offer. Our focus is giving you a venue that satisfies your modern needs. The home of a former engineering merchant is the place we chose to bring this experience to life, we saved a factory and modern West Yorkshire landmark to be the home of new memories and beautiful experiences.


Part of the Tileyard North complex and  access to motorways that take you to the M1 and with Sheffield and Manchester being a stone’s throw away, The Mill has everything you need to throw your corporate party and make it a success.

You not only get what is one of the coolest venue locations to have your event, you get five star food service with our team of executive chefs who can put together a menu that brings the world to West Yorkshire, but you also have the possibility of hiring a space that oozes creativity everywhere you turn. With so much choice, what is stopping you from dropping us a line?

With Manchester over the pennines and Sheffield a mere stones throw away and the Peak District National Park on our doorstep with the beautiful backdrop of West Yorkshire from our open plan seating areas and terrace, you and your guests can be sure to be welcomed with a traditional Yorkshire smile and embrace. 

With a range of fantastic corporate event hosting packages on offer, we can make your business event something to look forward to.

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    Part Of A Bigger Family

    The Mill is proud to be part of the Yorkshire Catering Company and Yorkshire Deli family, two businesses that have promoted Yorkshire through their outlets. The Yorkshire Catering Company has been operational since 2010 when the founder, Alex Lawlor started catering small events from her garage unit in West Yorkshire. Fast forward 11 years and with the Yorkshire Deli, the businesses have catered over 1500 events from weddings to corporate parties and the Yorkshire Deli has opened a second store in the exclusive Victoria Leeds development after a successful start in the heart of Wakefield.

    There is little this team knows about catering or how to throw together an event that few will ever forget. The team is built up with executive chefs who travelled around the world, building a C.V. that would make many envious of just their passport stamps alone. Event managers are on call to style a wedding and provide ideas for themes and help tailor a menu that suits the occasion. 

    The Mill has everything you need to have a successful corporate party which means you get to relax and enjoy the day as well. With all-in-one exclusive packages available, our team can put together the venue, the food and the sure to be had entertainment into a service that runs smoothly for your day.

    The Mill is a truly special West Yorkshire venue, the perfect modern day location to celebrate your event with the people that matter to your business.

    Christmas Party

    Everyone (nearly) looks forward to the Christmas Party. It’s a way to let your hair down and have a good time with the people you spend the most amount of time with apart from your loved ones – or it was until we all ended up on Zoom calls. Getting people together is important and in our large facility we can do this even socially distanced if you wished. There is nothing we can’t do to make your Christmas Party safe and fun.

    Discover more about our Christmas Party packages.

    Christmas Party At The Mill
    Product Launch The Mill

    Product Launches

    Getting vendors across the country to come and see your products in some industrial unit is not always the easiest thing to put together. But in our event space you can put together your product launch with presentation areas whilst your vendors/sales staff/team mingle over drinks and carefully prepared and delicious snacks. 

    Discover more about our Product Launches packages.

    Events Just Got Better @ The Mill

    The Venue

    Located in the former Rutland Mills of West Yorkshire, The Mill has been restored and complemented with an industrious styling from our architects and interior wizards. It makes The Mill a new age and post modern building that is proud of its industrious Yorkshire heritage. Together with our partner teams of florists and decorators for specific event themes, The Mill is the perfect location for anyone wanting to celebrate any event – and yes, civil ceremonies included.

    Guided Wedding Consultations

    We can plan your wedding for you, but we’ll leave choosing the guests down to you! Whatever it is you’re looking for we can help piece all the details together and take you through a guided consultation for your big day. You can look forward to all the fun things in store and not have to worry about anything, we have it under control.

    Catering For All Tastes

    With our team of executive chefs and well travelled personnel, we can piece together what will be on the tastiest and diverse menus you can be sure to taste this side of the pennines. We work with the best local Yorkshire suppliers to make sure that your food is not only from fresh ingredients but also ethically sourced and farmed with the animals well being in mind. We can cater for all tastes, dietary and allergy requirements as well, meaning that our team is one of the most forward thinking caterers on hand to deal with any request.

    Historical Location

    Located on the outskirts of the city centre, next to incredible design landmarks of our most precious artist, Barbara Hepworth, at The Mill, you are surrounded with peaceful and beautiful surroundings making up what is, a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire event spaces at The Mill.

    Local Produce Explored

    We only work with the best local producers where we can. We are committed to sustainability and ethical butchery of any meat products we use. That’s why we believe that any menu we create, whether it’s a wedding or corporate event menu, must carry a minimum 80% local tag on it. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that as a business, we can commit to protecting the environment and our children’s futures as well.

    International Beers & Beyond!

    Our first floor will host the incredible, Maison Du Bierre. A stunning bar that encapsulates everything that a speciality beer store should. With over 150 world beers to choose from, we work with the Maison Du Bierre to find the perfect drink selections for your event as well as seeking guidance from our own in house team of wine oenophiles.