Small Weddings

Small Weddings
at The Mill

Not everyone wants a big wedding, and small weddings spent with the people you love and care about the most sharing your day is sometimes just the thing you’ve been craving. Size doesn’t matter when you’re celebrating one of the most special days in your life.

What matters is that you have the day you want. That’s possible at The Mill. 

If you were looking to celebrate your small wedding with all the pomp and grandeur of a big ceremony, then don’t fear, your time at The Mill in Wakefield is guaranteed to be a really fun one. 

We take care of everything. The hosting, the food, even the entertainment. Our dedicated on site team will put together a menu selection that not only wows but accommodates for dietary requirements as well. We will work with you to put together something truly special for your day, no matter what size your wedding event will be. 

What this means is that whatever ceremony you’re having, our team is dedicated to making it as stress free as possible. In short, this means, you get to enjoy your special day and eating the food you enjoy.

Have your small wedding with us

One of the great things about having your wedding with us is that we have a facility that can be used for multiple uses. This allows us to be flexible in crafting what is set to be one of the best event spaces in West Yorkshire. 

The Mill is designed to house events of all kinds. Your wedding day is high on our list. We have a team of executive chefs that will create for you an incredible meal as well as team of dedicated staff members that will make your day memorable for all the right reasons. Small weddings need care and attention to a menu, with our team you get that. 

A wedding is about spending time with those you love and who love you. It doesn’t matter how big or small. For events with fewer than 50 people, it’s about piecing together a day that has it all but remaining an intimate affair at the same time.

From the food to the entertainment,  the snacks and even the drinks bar, we can arrange everything. 

A Seasonal Menu For Your Wedding Day

Choosing the right menu for your wedding guests is something that we specialise in. We use locally sourced meats and vegetables to expertly foraged wild mushrooms, berries and herbs. The Yorkshire countryside has a lot to offer. Our menus strike a balance of warmth, creativity and ingenuity for every season.

From our famous roasts to international delicacies like porchetta, tagines and curries we have it all. Our menu changes with seasonally sourced ingredients. This makes each event unique and special to the things you want to experience on your wedding day.

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